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Pacific Pine is about to commission a new project.


The company is installing newly developed synthetic gas production facility which will allow the direct replacement of the current natural gas supply with synthetic gas (syngas) supply to directly fire the existing boilers to provide hot water for its four timber drying kilns.

Pacific Pine

The supplier, a Hamilton, New Zealand based company has developed advanced gasification technology which can now be commercialised and integrated into a full production unit.  This plant is recognised as market leading for this type of application. 

Pacific Pine will provide fuel from its own operations in the form of bark, sawdust and planner shavings.  The fuel is blended prior to being feed into the fully automated fuel feed system which includes a stepping floor and drum dyer before being conveyed into the gasifiers.  The gases from the gasifier is drawn off, cooled, processed and burnt in especially designer burners.

The emissions from the plant is a fraction of what is typical from a conventional heat plant system.

The plant will allow Pacific Pine to reduce its drying costs, increase productivity and drying capacity and very importantly achieve very low emissions.


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