Westco Lagan Limited


Westco Lagan is a privately owned company that was formed in 1994 and comprises a sawmill at Ruatapu on the South Islands West Coast and a processing plant at Wainoni in Christchurch.




At Ruatapu we mill pruned radiata logs and produce 30,000m3 of appearance grade radiata pine timber per year. The radiata pine logs sourced from local forests have good attributes such as bright light colour, low pith content and a relative freedom from resin pockets.

As most of our logs are purchased from FSC certified forests and we have FSC chain of custody, we offer FSC certified timber.




We produce a wide range of grades and sizes that are manufactured for appearance uses. We supply timber as sawn or dressed four sides, in untreated or treated with CCA. We sell in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States. To obtain further information about our capabilities please contact us by visiting www.westco.co.nz.




The mission of the company is “to Build Brand Value” and everything we do is designed to enhance the value of our products to our customers.

Westco Lagan’s operations are organised on a team basis. Our teams have a strong customer focus and are all dedicated to the success of our mission. We work hard to deliver value to our customers by consistently supplying quality timber products, in full, on time and in spec.